Learning to live

Khushi, my daughter (4+), has short hair - but she can still put clips and rubber-bands in it. 

The only problem comes when she goes to her school (LKG) and her 'akka' (caretaker) there retie her hair after a play/rest session, and puts the clip/rubber-band very tightly. Probably, it keeps hurting her, at times. 

Last night she tells me that she'd want to go to school only with hair-bands and no rubber-bands or clips as the 'akka' doesn't know how to put it back rightly. 

I felt happy that instead of expecting me to correct her 'akka' (who again are not fixed people to be there) again and again - she learns what she should do to fight the problem. 

I like the attitude, flexibility, self-correction in her - for things which are beyond her circle of influence.