Sad to Comedy...

This is how Google converted a serious, sad moment of my book to a humorous  (comedy) scene -

If you cannot watch video (or want to verify) -

1. just go to

2. select English to Hindi translation

3. then copy and paste following text in the first box (English)

4. don't forget to listen to the voices (text to speech) both for English and Hindi text.


It was dark in the room, though it was a hot summer afternoon. Mira was lying on the floor, in no consciousness. In one corner of the room, there was a small hole in the window. It was shining like a star. A dragonfly was trying to find some food on the window. The light entering to the room from on the window-hole was changing as per the shadow of dragonfly's wings.

“Aah”, a sound that disturbed the peace of the room. Mira was coming back to her senses. She wasn't able to open her eyes fully. Her throat was soar, she wanted water. In a weak sound, she said, “Water”. Nobody - to listen to - and respond. She felt some wetness near her hand. In the dark room and the blinking thin ray of light, she couldn't make-out what that was. She tried to lift her hand and screamed out of pain. She wasn't able to move her hand. The bone was broken, probably. There were no senses except pain and the thrust to be relieved from the pain. She lost her consciousness again. A few more times she came back to her senses but couldn't sustain the pain for long-time and finally broke. She died - the dragonfly flew away sensing the departure.