On Krish3, and being metrosexual

A few months back when Krish3 got released, we didn't go to watch it in theatre, as our daughter Khushi gets scared to watch action/violence on big screen. So we decided to watch it on TV, where we have freedom to change channel as fighting scenes come. 

Finally, we watched it on TV yesterday. Khushi too, hiding behind me, watched most of it. 

As I explained her to not to get scared during action scenes in movie, and gave her this example, "Look! when insects come into our house, we hit them with fly zapper racquet to protect ourselves - similarly, Krish (and other super heroes) also hit bad people to protect good people."

Seeming to understand my point, she added, "And as racquet gets charged with electricity, Khish gets charged with Sun."


Next conversation with this movie, that I want to share on this famous 'blue and pink' concept. 

Towards the end of the movie, as Krish's son was born, and they show him in pink dress and cradle, V added, "How come they show boy in pink?"

And my immediate response to it was, "May be they are trying to show him born in metrosexual context."