My daughter, going to be 4 years, this summer, goes to nursery. She calls her uniform as 'beauty-form'. 

Out of the five weekdays, on Wednesday, she can wear coloured dress, and rest of the days are her uniform days. Morning as I wake her up to get her ready for the school, she would ask me if she has to wear her 'beauty-form' or not. 

She loves wearing coloured dress, and if there is a day like, 'party-day' or 'ethnic day', she enjoys getting ready that morning. However, after a long break in summers, or winters, she doesn't complain about her 'beauty-form' for a few days.

Many times, I corrected her for naming it right - uniform, as I dress her up, but she loves the word 'beauty-form'. And now I also started to like it. This morning I noticed a message in it. 

There is a beauty in equality - where there is no jealousy, no comparison, no stress of competing and so on - it results in a better world.

Then I see there is a message in her vocabulary - and she brings the beauty of the concept of equality to my notice.

So, uniform which carries such a beautiful concept of equality in it, is called 'beauty-form' by my daughter.

It also conveys to me that its not always necessary being right, but its more important being meaningful. 

Probably thats why kids are called 'God's messangers'.