Express Yourself..

Express Yourself - outside Airtel network too. 

Recently, I have taken my daughter (3 years) to a mall, where she went on a carousel ride. Further to that, we were standing and watching a train ride, that was for slightly older kids. There were seven kids on the train ride - four of them were pairing and enjoying, laughing, and three were sitting alone.

Out of those three kids, one was scared and about to cry, second was smiling, but conscious to be noticed and trying to hide her smile. The third one had no expressions on his face. A child that was about 5-6 years old, on a ride, has no expression on his face - was something for me to notice and think about. I see many adults around in similar manner, no expressions. And this is being passed to the kids as well.

My daughter is a chatterbox. She keeps talking. Yesterday, we went to our Adhar card enrollment. There also, I notice the 'no expression' faces - even with kids. There were 2-3 families before us, and four kids. My daughter kept asking why things are in certain manner with the place, people, their actions and those kids as well. She noticed a box with a few alphabets on it. She started with her nursery rhyme, "A B C D ..... I will teach you ABC".

Her song broke the silence in the room and few people started to smile. She felt conscious, and turned towards me - feeling odd person out. I gave her company in the last line of the song. Probably, because I didn't want her to be conscious about the fact that her singing or enjoying her life is so abnormal. And I didn't want it to go to her head that she should also become a statue like everyone around. I liked her being expressive. As I was giving her company (though in subtle manner) in her singing, I was focused on her than my image.

We all want to be loved, noticed, be the best (so we compete) etc. But the fulfillment of these needs are mutual - I can't feel satisfied, just noticing myself. If others notice and pass a few positive comments, It makes me feel happy. Basically, if they are expressive. Now, they will also have similar need, where I have to be expressive to make them feel happy. Just a small gesture, a little expression of self and towards others can increase the happiness quotient of everyone - of this planet.

I remember reading - The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lover of all kinds.

Lets be the required ones.